Just the facts ma'am...

Okay, so even though we are still up in the air about the actual specifics of the wedding itself, there are a few ideas that I do have swimming through my head that can be nailed down ahead of time. And since no one wanted to out themselves and give us an opinion one way or the other regarding our elopement/surprise wedding plans, I'm going to have to stoop to a new low and try to draw you all out of the shadows with wedding porn.

My ensemble:
Since I am already a huge fan of vintage fashion, and am obsessed with the whole 40's-50's lifestyle, I am hoping wear a dress that really has that old, glamorous, pin-up vibe. Fortunately for me, there are oodles of designers knocking off some of the greatest fashion houses of that era. And while I'd kill for an original Emma Domb party frock, I really don't have the figure to fit most of those that I've found. Locating everyday vintage clothing in averages sizes is hard enough...finding a cute formal dress is virtually impossible! Especially for those who are "big of boob". Thank you indiebride.com for that term. It's hysterical!

Here are a few of my top contenders...

This dress is pure perfection. It was love at first sight. Unfortunately, it's from a UK designer who only sells to one boutique here in the states. Even more unfortunate, is the fact that the boutique is in Virginia. I, of course, am not anywhere close to Virginia. I did put in a call, and they are willing to order the dress for me however, so all is not lost. I also found a dressmaker willing to re-create it for me, but I'm having a few reservations about going that route. I'm envisioning pairing it with a short, angled birdcage veil or some sort of rhinestone fascinator type bauble.

I'm also all mushy over this dress. I haven't gone as far as trying to find it locally, but you better bet your britches, I will be. How could I not?!? It's a stunner! Plus, I think I could accessorize with a sweet birdcage veil. Not to mention, I already have the most perfect lucite box purse that looks as if it were made for this dress. If I can find some cool lucite shoes...Me-ow!

I also think the pink bow image could be carried over into other areas like the cake, or announcements.

And this is my 3rd runner-up. I actually took this photo myself while strolling the streets of Paris almost 2 years ago. I was there nursing a broken heart actually, so taking pics of wedding dresses was the very last thing on my mind, when I spotted this boutique window. I'm quite a believer in destiny, so maybe there is a reason I didn't toss this file in the trash when sorting my holiday snapshots. Now, I'm glad I didn't! Isn't it dreamy? Something about this little vintage inspired suit just screams "lets run away and get married!". I adore they whole idea of those sweet get-away outfits from the 50's. I would think I could have a local seamstress whip up something similiar dontcha think? Of course, I'd complete the look with gloves and pill-box hat, because, really, the accessories really do make the outfit. Do you think a pair of nude colored seamed stockings would be a bit much?

For my beloved Bob:
Woot. Woo. There's nothing I love more than seeing my man all dressed up! He's one handsome devil during the everyday, but put him in a suit and I'm swooning. Not to mention the fact that he works a pretty rugged job that requires jeans and work shirts. On the occasion that he really does get all shined and polished, he looks extra edible. This is just a smattering of photos that I've clipped in hopes of finding something that appeals to him.

I'm loving that old Hollywood look of the white or ivory dinner jacket and and black pants. It actually reminds me of my parent's wedding photos...so classic. Very Cary Grant. Of course, I'm also drawn to pinstripes, but in a charcoal grey or navy. I'm NOT a big fan of the zoot suit however, and I am worried about stripes coming across as pimp-ish. Is that even a word? Bob also is a hat lover, so a nice fedora or bowler will definitely be in order.


Your mission...should you choose to accept it...

Is to help us decide what sort of wedding we really want to have. I'd really love it if maybe a few readers would come out of lurkdom and post their opinions. Aww, come on...I know you have great taste and I trust you 100%. And don't get all shy and pretend you're not out there. I don't have a stat counter on this thing for nothing.

I have my days when I feel as though we should just run over to the county courthouse, sign the papers and have this entire wedding thing over with. Parts of me just want our lives to go on without any of the traditional wedding hoopla. And then there are the other days, when I spend hours pouring over wedding websites reading recaps, longing to wear a pretty dress, to feel like the most beautiful girl in the room, to share that almost heartbursting feeling with my parents and friends....

Is it possible to have the best of both worlds? That's the question I've been trying to answer. Hopefully you will be able to shed some light on the situation and help us out. Here are the ceremony ideas we've come up with so far. You might want to grab a drink, put on your pj's and settle in. This might take awhile...

PLAN A: Viva Las Vegas
I think this idea is almost what is expected of us. More than a few close friends and family have asked when we are going to run off to Vegas by ourselves and get married. I'll admit, the sentimental aspect of it is really appealing... to go back to where it all began. In the Little Chapel of the Flowers, where we first giggled through our vows like a couple of teenagers (well, we really WERE teenagers, what do you expect?!?). Spend a night or two alone together in sin city, before heading home and making an announcement either printed and mailed, or over cocktails, appetizers, and (maybe) cake at a local bistro.


We get our teeny tiny, just the two of us ceremony.

Elvis can marry us! We got married the first time on Elvis' birthday.



It's VEGAS!!!

Honestly, it is a bit corny, and since the first time we were married it didn't work out so well...well, you get what I'm saying. Not that I'm superstitious or anything...

There is no HUGE surprise factor since we'd have to send the LB over to my parents house for the weekend, and they are pretty smart people, who would most likely figure it out.

PLAN B: Progressive Dinner
We had this crazy idea to round up our friends and family (about 15 people total) and invite them to a progressive dinner party under the assumption that it was either an engagement celebration or a birthday dinner (my birthday is in March, hence the January or March time frame).

We would start out having appetizers and drinks at one restaurant (a swanky little jazz club) where Bob would announce our engagement. Then we'd head down the street to another restaurant (a cute bistro owned by the same group as the jazz club) for a celebratory dinner. Once dinner was complete we'd head out again, to another little cafe (one of my favorite little French bakeries in town) where we would actually get married and cut the cake. Luckily, all of these establishments are in the same block and 2 are owned by the same company, so it would make the entire evening flow quite well. Very unexpected, but fun, I think. Maybe? What do you think? Crazy and fun, or just plain crazy?

All of this would have to be meticulously executed, which I don't have a problem with at all. I'd still get to plan a soiree, AND we'd have our teeny, intimate surprise wedding. The best of both worlds. My only hesitations would be the fact that I'd most likely have to have a headcount for the dinner and guests may be more likely to unexpectedly cancel at the last minute if they thought it was a casual dinner party. Also, I'm a bit worried we might catch my parents off-guard. Even though I'm sure they wouldn't object, I'm still a daddy's girl at heart and always seeking to win my mother's approval and do things the "right" way. Have I mentioned that I'm going on 36 years old. Sheesh.

PLAN C: The elopement and dinner package.
In this instance, we would elope...somewhere. Then invite friends and family to dinner that evening and tell them all as a group. We could still have a pretty cake and get dressed up for a festive night on the town, which appeals to me greatly, but wouldn't have to get married in front of an audience or have to put much planning into an actual wedding ceremony. We'd most likely do it at the same bistro as the progressive dinner, as it is one of our favorite local eateries. They have the most darling little bar area that I've seen reserved for small gatherings.

PLAN D: Go North to Alaska - SCRAPPED.
We have a 14 day delayed honeymoon to Alaska planned for September 2008 and briefly thought about doing this. While it seems pretty exciting, there is no guarantee that we would get to fly due to bad weather and their backup plan is to get married in a park, which I'm sure is quite beautiful, but the whole idea behind getting married on top of a glacier is that it's unforgetable and intimate. A park seems like such a let down when you're expecting a helicopter to whisk you off to the tippy top of a glacier, doesn't it? Not that there is anything wrong with parks,, but I don't want to fork over that kind of moola and then be dissappointed on my wedding day if things don't work out. And besides...September seems SOOOO far away. We really don't want to wait that long.


So there you have it. If you've read this far, I applaud you! So what do you think? If you were two crazy in love kids, with a bit of a spontanious streak, lookin' to get hitched, what would you do? We're open to other suggestions as well, or modifications to the plans above. At this point, any advice would be greatly appreciated.


The Lead Characters...

The Bride:
That would be me. I'm Delilah. 35, full-time working, mother of 1 adorable kid and 1 hyper-active small dog. I live in my fantasy tree-house, downtown in the historic district of a small Western town. If I could travel 12 months out of the year, that would be just fine by me, but I have a feeling the boss at my "real" job might frown upon me taking so much time off. I also freelance in my spare (haha!) time. I enjoy 1950's pulp fiction books, old movies, jazz standards and collecting all sorts of vintage cocktail items....from dresses and martini shakers, to chalkware wedding cake toppers.


My Beau:
That would be Bob. He's 37, employed (horray!), smart, patient, witty and handsome as all get out. I'm biased, of course. ;) A little bit country, yet a little bit punk-rock 'n roll...he's the perfect mix of sweet, all-American charm, tangled up with just the right amount of bad boy deliciousness. He's a sucker for all things golf or fishing related, and (secretly) adores small dogs. He knows all my deep, dark secrets and loves me anyway, cooks a mean steak and gives great foot massages. Oh, and did I mention he was handsome?


The Tiny Person:
The Little Bear (L.B.) ...5 years old and definitely ALL boy. I cannot imagine my life before him. Cheesy, I know, but he really is my bestest friend and the sweetest kid I've ever met. Cute as a button, and quite the mama's boy (and no, I'm not complaining...I love it). He and Bob are like two peas in a pod, which really does melt my heart. He loves hockey, art and all things dinosaur or pirate related.


I'm sure as this blog gets rolling, I'll be secretly introducing you to a few friends and family members as well. Lucky you. Don't be nervous...they'll totally love you as much as I do.

On a side note, I think later on, I am going to change the look of this blog and add a few photos. It's always nice to put a face with a name, don't you think?

Why a surprise wedding you ask? Well...

After having not one, but two big blowout, break the bank weddings, I've come to the conclusion that practically going into bankruptcy in order to marry does not guarantee you will live happily ever after. Yes, it is always nice to have loved ones surrounding you as you profess your undying love, but do you really need the Martha Stewart perfectly folded tissue packets or flowers with unpronouncable names imported from exotic locations? I think not.

I'm quite drawn to the idea of eloping simply because, well, quite honestly, I'm a little embarrassed that at 35 years of age, I'm walking down the aisle for the 3rd time (granted, I'll be doing it twice with the same groom, but whatever...). I see no need for the over the top, white gown-matchymatchy attendants-church wedding. All the formality coupled with comments from our families about how this all seems so familiar just doesn't really appeal to me. At this point, I'd like nothing more than for Bob and I to find somewhere peaceful, romantic and quiet to make our vows to eachother. Oh, how I wish we lived in a state where you could declare yourselves married! Doesn't that seem like the perfect solution? To me, it would be heaven. Swoon.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not at all against celebrating our upcoming nuptuals with family and friends. I've just learned from past experiences, that this time, I will be remembering those details of wedding planning that cannot be seen or held in your hand, but only felt. I truly am a big sap, if you haven't figured that out already.


The Proposal...

Well, to be honest, there really hasn't been an official proposal as of yet. We talk of getting married on a daily basis, have been shopping for rings (a simple round, brilliant solitaire with eternity band for me...something thick and platinum for him), narrowed down a time frame (January or March of 2008)...even booked a honeymoon (Alaska...Eeeee! I get so excited just thinking about it!). So what's the hold up you ask?!?!

That's what I'd like to know!

Seriously though, I did one day mention to Bob that even though I'd been married before, I'd never received a "proper" proposal. What I meant by that was having someone profess their undying love and devotion, while dropping to one knee and begging me for the honour of becoming my husband. The whole idea sounds so sticky sweet romantic, and I truly am an old fashioned type of gal, and as cheeky as it sounds, I feel as though I deserve all the bells and whistles.

Now before you get all soapbox-ish on me, I know all about the fact that this is the year 2007 and we've come along way bay-bee, but I want what I want. Bob knows this, respects this and even though in the throes of passion proposes to me on a nightly basis, I have no doubt that he will do it up right when the time comes. In the meantime, I'm happy just knowing that I am once again going to be his Mrs. Bob, no matter what.


The Backstory...

For starters, Bob and I are no strangers to wedding planning. In fact, we've both been married before...more times than either of us probably cares to admit...to each other even. You see, Bob and I are childhood sweethearts. From a small town where if you didn't marry right out of high school and start popping out your next of kin, you were considered freakish or destined to become an old maid. So, with stars in our eyes, love in our hearts and lust in our...well, you get the idea....we headed to Vegas and eloped at a very young age. To make a long story short, once my parents found out, they were devastated. How could their only daughter run away and get marrr--ieeee---ddd, without her daddy giving her away or her mother planning the biggest shindig their small town had ever seen? Well, needless to say, a "real" wedding was in order, so 9 months later we had a big church wedding with all the trimmings, followed by the biggest, fanciest reception. And while we did live happily ever after for a bit, eventually we grew up. Which also means we grew apart. And divorced. A first for my side of the family. I wasn't proud.

So Bob and I went our separate ways, for oh, about 8 years or so. I moved to a big city 2 states away. He...well, he moved to a different big city. We both moved on, met new significant others, and both remarried. During this time, we had hit and miss contact with each other, mostly through friends and family members or the occasional secret rendezvous (pre-other significant other marriages...and who could blame us, the sex really was good even if we did hate each others guts). Bob and his new wife had no children. I had a baby, who will from now on be referred to as Little bear, or LB for short, who is now a big 5 year old kindergartner. Time sure did fly, that's for sure.

Fast forward alot of years, alot of tears, and alot of playing the what-if game. My second marriage crumbled, as did Bob's. Now, neither of us are proud of this fact, but we are both quite good at internet stalking and at different times had sent each other messages that were never received for one reason or another...until April 11th, 2007. Lo and behold, Bob's picture popped up after much searching and with knots in my stomach, I sent him a quick email to say hello. He replied almost immediately and the rest, as they say, is history. We've been pretty much inseparable ever since.

Now, I know we may seem prime candidates for a sweeps week episode of Dr. Phil, and that "an ex is an ex for a reason". But in our defense, we are both MUCH older now, and most definitely wiser. .We've talked through most, if not all of our prior "issues", and have agreed to go back into this relationship with an open mind, heart and 100% honesty. I'll be the first to admit, as a single mother, who thought she was destined to live the rest of her days alone raising her son, Bob's re-appearance into my life has been nothing short of a miracle. He is the father I'd always imagined for my son. The partner in crime I'd been dreaming of since I was a tiny girl, and the man I'd hoped and prayed for every night, before I finally given into the fact, that my dreamboat was never coming. I no longer take him for granted, and waking up in his arms every morning is one of the best gifts I've ever received. I am now a firm believer in second chances.

Stay tuned...I'll be posting photos and ideas soon. Now that you and I are practically cyberspace BFF, I'm going to need alot of advice and help in pulling off Bob and I's surprise wedding.