Just the facts ma'am...

Okay, so even though we are still up in the air about the actual specifics of the wedding itself, there are a few ideas that I do have swimming through my head that can be nailed down ahead of time. And since no one wanted to out themselves and give us an opinion one way or the other regarding our elopement/surprise wedding plans, I'm going to have to stoop to a new low and try to draw you all out of the shadows with wedding porn.

My ensemble:
Since I am already a huge fan of vintage fashion, and am obsessed with the whole 40's-50's lifestyle, I am hoping wear a dress that really has that old, glamorous, pin-up vibe. Fortunately for me, there are oodles of designers knocking off some of the greatest fashion houses of that era. And while I'd kill for an original Emma Domb party frock, I really don't have the figure to fit most of those that I've found. Locating everyday vintage clothing in averages sizes is hard enough...finding a cute formal dress is virtually impossible! Especially for those who are "big of boob". Thank you indiebride.com for that term. It's hysterical!

Here are a few of my top contenders...

This dress is pure perfection. It was love at first sight. Unfortunately, it's from a UK designer who only sells to one boutique here in the states. Even more unfortunate, is the fact that the boutique is in Virginia. I, of course, am not anywhere close to Virginia. I did put in a call, and they are willing to order the dress for me however, so all is not lost. I also found a dressmaker willing to re-create it for me, but I'm having a few reservations about going that route. I'm envisioning pairing it with a short, angled birdcage veil or some sort of rhinestone fascinator type bauble.

I'm also all mushy over this dress. I haven't gone as far as trying to find it locally, but you better bet your britches, I will be. How could I not?!? It's a stunner! Plus, I think I could accessorize with a sweet birdcage veil. Not to mention, I already have the most perfect lucite box purse that looks as if it were made for this dress. If I can find some cool lucite shoes...Me-ow!

I also think the pink bow image could be carried over into other areas like the cake, or announcements.

And this is my 3rd runner-up. I actually took this photo myself while strolling the streets of Paris almost 2 years ago. I was there nursing a broken heart actually, so taking pics of wedding dresses was the very last thing on my mind, when I spotted this boutique window. I'm quite a believer in destiny, so maybe there is a reason I didn't toss this file in the trash when sorting my holiday snapshots. Now, I'm glad I didn't! Isn't it dreamy? Something about this little vintage inspired suit just screams "lets run away and get married!". I adore they whole idea of those sweet get-away outfits from the 50's. I would think I could have a local seamstress whip up something similiar dontcha think? Of course, I'd complete the look with gloves and pill-box hat, because, really, the accessories really do make the outfit. Do you think a pair of nude colored seamed stockings would be a bit much?

For my beloved Bob:
Woot. Woo. There's nothing I love more than seeing my man all dressed up! He's one handsome devil during the everyday, but put him in a suit and I'm swooning. Not to mention the fact that he works a pretty rugged job that requires jeans and work shirts. On the occasion that he really does get all shined and polished, he looks extra edible. This is just a smattering of photos that I've clipped in hopes of finding something that appeals to him.

I'm loving that old Hollywood look of the white or ivory dinner jacket and and black pants. It actually reminds me of my parent's wedding photos...so classic. Very Cary Grant. Of course, I'm also drawn to pinstripes, but in a charcoal grey or navy. I'm NOT a big fan of the zoot suit however, and I am worried about stripes coming across as pimp-ish. Is that even a word? Bob also is a hat lover, so a nice fedora or bowler will definitely be in order.


Liz said...

i just found this (sorry to get in the game so late) and i'm obsessed with your plans thus far - now that my own wedding is over (thank god - i mean, it was perfect but a girl can only take so much!) i've got to find other ways to occupy my time :)
i love the idea of having a dress maker do the dress of your dreams - my mom had her dream dress done for my wedding and it was a true highlight of the event!

delilah said...

Hi Liz! :) Thanks for stopping in. Please come by again. As you can see, it's pretty quiet around here.

Did you keep a blog? I love to lurk in wedding journals...I may have come across yours in my travels!

I did manage to talk a dressmaker into making my ensemble for me. Cross your fingers that it all works out. I'm sure I'll be posting pics as it all comes together.

Liz said...

so exciting! no, no blog for me - i'm a professional lurker what can i say. but my now husband and i did have an amazing website that he crafted himself. he's a handy guy. now i must finish reading your blog so that i can get up to date!