Why a surprise wedding you ask? Well...

After having not one, but two big blowout, break the bank weddings, I've come to the conclusion that practically going into bankruptcy in order to marry does not guarantee you will live happily ever after. Yes, it is always nice to have loved ones surrounding you as you profess your undying love, but do you really need the Martha Stewart perfectly folded tissue packets or flowers with unpronouncable names imported from exotic locations? I think not.

I'm quite drawn to the idea of eloping simply because, well, quite honestly, I'm a little embarrassed that at 35 years of age, I'm walking down the aisle for the 3rd time (granted, I'll be doing it twice with the same groom, but whatever...). I see no need for the over the top, white gown-matchymatchy attendants-church wedding. All the formality coupled with comments from our families about how this all seems so familiar just doesn't really appeal to me. At this point, I'd like nothing more than for Bob and I to find somewhere peaceful, romantic and quiet to make our vows to eachother. Oh, how I wish we lived in a state where you could declare yourselves married! Doesn't that seem like the perfect solution? To me, it would be heaven. Swoon.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not at all against celebrating our upcoming nuptuals with family and friends. I've just learned from past experiences, that this time, I will be remembering those details of wedding planning that cannot be seen or held in your hand, but only felt. I truly am a big sap, if you haven't figured that out already.

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