Your mission...should you choose to accept it...

Is to help us decide what sort of wedding we really want to have. I'd really love it if maybe a few readers would come out of lurkdom and post their opinions. Aww, come on...I know you have great taste and I trust you 100%. And don't get all shy and pretend you're not out there. I don't have a stat counter on this thing for nothing.

I have my days when I feel as though we should just run over to the county courthouse, sign the papers and have this entire wedding thing over with. Parts of me just want our lives to go on without any of the traditional wedding hoopla. And then there are the other days, when I spend hours pouring over wedding websites reading recaps, longing to wear a pretty dress, to feel like the most beautiful girl in the room, to share that almost heartbursting feeling with my parents and friends....

Is it possible to have the best of both worlds? That's the question I've been trying to answer. Hopefully you will be able to shed some light on the situation and help us out. Here are the ceremony ideas we've come up with so far. You might want to grab a drink, put on your pj's and settle in. This might take awhile...

PLAN A: Viva Las Vegas
I think this idea is almost what is expected of us. More than a few close friends and family have asked when we are going to run off to Vegas by ourselves and get married. I'll admit, the sentimental aspect of it is really appealing... to go back to where it all began. In the Little Chapel of the Flowers, where we first giggled through our vows like a couple of teenagers (well, we really WERE teenagers, what do you expect?!?). Spend a night or two alone together in sin city, before heading home and making an announcement either printed and mailed, or over cocktails, appetizers, and (maybe) cake at a local bistro.


We get our teeny tiny, just the two of us ceremony.

Elvis can marry us! We got married the first time on Elvis' birthday.



It's VEGAS!!!

Honestly, it is a bit corny, and since the first time we were married it didn't work out so well...well, you get what I'm saying. Not that I'm superstitious or anything...

There is no HUGE surprise factor since we'd have to send the LB over to my parents house for the weekend, and they are pretty smart people, who would most likely figure it out.

PLAN B: Progressive Dinner
We had this crazy idea to round up our friends and family (about 15 people total) and invite them to a progressive dinner party under the assumption that it was either an engagement celebration or a birthday dinner (my birthday is in March, hence the January or March time frame).

We would start out having appetizers and drinks at one restaurant (a swanky little jazz club) where Bob would announce our engagement. Then we'd head down the street to another restaurant (a cute bistro owned by the same group as the jazz club) for a celebratory dinner. Once dinner was complete we'd head out again, to another little cafe (one of my favorite little French bakeries in town) where we would actually get married and cut the cake. Luckily, all of these establishments are in the same block and 2 are owned by the same company, so it would make the entire evening flow quite well. Very unexpected, but fun, I think. Maybe? What do you think? Crazy and fun, or just plain crazy?

All of this would have to be meticulously executed, which I don't have a problem with at all. I'd still get to plan a soiree, AND we'd have our teeny, intimate surprise wedding. The best of both worlds. My only hesitations would be the fact that I'd most likely have to have a headcount for the dinner and guests may be more likely to unexpectedly cancel at the last minute if they thought it was a casual dinner party. Also, I'm a bit worried we might catch my parents off-guard. Even though I'm sure they wouldn't object, I'm still a daddy's girl at heart and always seeking to win my mother's approval and do things the "right" way. Have I mentioned that I'm going on 36 years old. Sheesh.

PLAN C: The elopement and dinner package.
In this instance, we would elope...somewhere. Then invite friends and family to dinner that evening and tell them all as a group. We could still have a pretty cake and get dressed up for a festive night on the town, which appeals to me greatly, but wouldn't have to get married in front of an audience or have to put much planning into an actual wedding ceremony. We'd most likely do it at the same bistro as the progressive dinner, as it is one of our favorite local eateries. They have the most darling little bar area that I've seen reserved for small gatherings.

PLAN D: Go North to Alaska - SCRAPPED.
We have a 14 day delayed honeymoon to Alaska planned for September 2008 and briefly thought about doing this. While it seems pretty exciting, there is no guarantee that we would get to fly due to bad weather and their backup plan is to get married in a park, which I'm sure is quite beautiful, but the whole idea behind getting married on top of a glacier is that it's unforgetable and intimate. A park seems like such a let down when you're expecting a helicopter to whisk you off to the tippy top of a glacier, doesn't it? Not that there is anything wrong with parks,, but I don't want to fork over that kind of moola and then be dissappointed on my wedding day if things don't work out. And besides...September seems SOOOO far away. We really don't want to wait that long.


So there you have it. If you've read this far, I applaud you! So what do you think? If you were two crazy in love kids, with a bit of a spontanious streak, lookin' to get hitched, what would you do? We're open to other suggestions as well, or modifications to the plans above. At this point, any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Erin said...

I absolutely ADORE your plan B--how fun, unexpected, and unique! I would love to attend a surprise wedding.

delilah said...

You have NO idea how much I appreciate your comment! We are so scared to catch our frinds and family off guard and they'd hate the idea. Of course Bob and I think it's great...and it's a relief to hear that you'd love it too. I suppose we should just throw caution ot the wind and do it, shouldn't we? After all, it really does sound like the most fun. We're still really on the fence about which plan to go with, but I'm REALLY leaning toward Plan B.