I'm not very photogenic.

So whyohwhyohwhy am I so obsessed with how we are going to manage to take a few pretty wedding pictures?

Bob and I are still at a loss as to how we are going to manage to work a photographer into our teeny-tiny guest list mix. Not to mention, the small talent pool we are dealing with here in the sticks. Figuring out photography is becoming quite the challenge. So far, the plan is to take a few professional photos in the late afternoon at our fantasy, fairy tree house, then head over to the party where we will have to rely on our own guests to bring cameras, or we won't have any pics of the actual event. We do have one friend who happens to be a fantastic photographer, but he didn't make the invitation cut...unless of course we can come up with cash in the budget to add another couple. But, we also think he may feel that if he is the only one snapping away when the surprise actually happens, that we only invited him so we could get some great shots. Poo. There I go over-analyzing again.

In the meantime, I have an ever growing list of photos we'd like to have. I absolutely adore detail shots, rather than posed portraits. Here are a few of our inspiration pics (most courtesy of flickr, with the exception of the first pic, which came from offbeatbride.com)...
How awesome is this rockin, tattooed officiant?!? Since ours isn't lacking in ink, I thought this would be a swell shot to add to our "must take" list. The ring exchange photo is lovely...another definite, don't you think?!
And who can resist those "stolen moment" pics?! When perusing so many wedding blogs and websites, the photos that always stand out in my mind are the ones that look as if they accidentally were captured on film. Très romantique!
We also want to get a great ring shot. There are oodles of creative wedding ring pictures out there to use for inspiration. These are a bit more traditional, but if you're looking for something a tad more on the quirky side, check out The Image is Found. Truly AMAZING ring shots!
Oh how I wish I could find a full-length shot of this pose. I think it's adorable! And since Bob and I will, of course be wearing some fantabulous footwear I've added this pic to our list. Does anyone know where I can find a similar picture with a "leg up" kiss? I've KNOW I've seen loads of them, but wouldn't ya know it, just as soon as I try to search, I cannot find but one?!?

While on the great photo hunt of 2007, I fell in love with Alacoque and Warren's wedding! Get a load of her veil. Soooo fetching! I wonder where she got it? Did she DIY? Would it be tacky of me to contact her? I came across their photographer Lucy Leonardi's website on accident and have been in awe just browsing her galleries.
Can you believe this is just a smidgen of the crazy amount of photos I have been collecting?!? I just wish that when I started, I had made notes of the fabulous photographer and wedding I borrowed from. Hopefully, the photography gods will take pity on me and I won't have to remove any of these gorgeous photos. I promise from now on to take better notes!

Oh, and if you haven't figured it out just yet, that last post was from my beloved Bob. I think I may have created a monster...he's already trying to come up with his next post! I tried to tell him this whole blogging thing was a bit addictive, but I don't think he quite believed me until he jumped in himself. Maybe we'll have to come up with a little code to give him his own blog style. Think I can convince him to post in blue text? It might make it easier to figure out who's doing all the talking around here. ;)


Robin said...

I am proud to say that the first picture was done by my wedding photographer...she's amazing.

delilah said...

You're kidding RIGHT?!?! Do you know how pea green with envy I am?!?! I just love, love, LOVE everything about it...the color, the composition...everything!

Oh, now I'm even more anxious to see your wedding pics! As if I needed yet another reason. :)

Robin said...

I am not kidding, have you seen my engagement photos?


delilah said...

I knew you had amazing engagement pics, but for some reason I didn't put the two together! Lucky girl!

Robin said...

I definitely lucked out, I really researched to find the right person.