So I thought maybe I would take a little time and get in on the action that the love of my life has started. For starters, what a great girl, I often ask myself " What did I do to deserve such a loving person", not once but yes as you who are keeping track know, twice. I have to admit that I am very excited about our little plan, what sneaky little devils we are. Do I sound a little sappy? I have every right to be, I am back with the woman that I'm madly in love with and I plan on spending the rest of my life with her. What man in their right mind wouldn't get a little sappy in these circumstances? Not only is she the most wonderful women in the world but as you can see she's quite crafty also.

Like all weddings it seems like it's so far away but in reality it's right around the corner, even though it seems like a simple dinner there is still a lot of planning. With the two of us putting our heads together to plan all this, with no outside influences, it will turn out just the way she and I want it. Isn't that how it should be anyways? What a ride, and what a fun ride it is!

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These are important things to remember.