Work it girl!

Whew! What a weekend! Where does all this time go?!? I swear, all day yesterday I thought it was Saturday and then some party pooper had to go and remind me that it was in fact Sunday and another work week was upon us. UGH! I barely had time to relax or have any fun at all and it's already Monday.

I think a lot of my Monday blues this morning are stemming from the fact that I've taken on a second (or actually, technically 3rd) job in order to bring in a few extra dollars for the wedding and I'm simply exhausted. I had a big wake-up call about a month ago and realized that if we didn't start bringing in some extra cash and saving our pennies soon, there would be no wedding...or at least not the wedding we are envisioning.

Now, I realize that you are probably thinking that it really doesn't cost all that much to basically have 20 or so people out to dinner, but add the cost of food and drinks, plus cake, officiant, transportation, photos, rings and attire and the budget gets blown rather quickly. Hence, a part-time job in retail to combat the quick rising cost of this whole soiree. Not to mention the holidays are quickly approaching, Bob and I are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at the tree house, as well as Christmas gifts for LB and the rest of the family, and throwing a cocktail party for New Years. Cha-ching! My Bob has a t-shirt in the closet that boldly states "I'm having an out of money experience". Right now, that's exactly how I am feeling. And I know it will all work out in the end, as it always does, but it doesn't take away the fact that I am a wee bit stressed about it.

In planning our budget, or lack of, we're having quite the time trying to figure out where our priorities lay. Should we spend more on food and drink, or is photography more important? Should a bulk of our budget be spent on rings and attire, or opt to save some cash for our honeymoon? As I type this, I honestly don't know. How is everyone else coming up with a budget and whats on your "must have" list?


Robin said...

We are pretty lucky not to have to worry about too much but we do have to pay for enough stuff that we have to start buying things now because if we wait until the last minute we won't have the money.

delilah said...

Lucky ducks! Unfortunately for us, we are short on time as well, so that "pay as you go" plan doesn't have quite the same effect on my wallet. But, we're muddling through and I'm sure it will be fine. I just tend to worry.