"Mrs. Delilah"...has such a lovely ring....

So where were we? Ahhh...RINGS!
Where do I even begin? I'm famous for being indecisive, but when it comes to jewelry, I am a perfectionist...I like what I like and it's VERRRYYY specific. Poor Bob. He will never be able to surprise me with the gift of bling. Okay, just typing the word "bling" is cracking me up! Blingblingblingbling...

I really don't wear much jewelry, if any, on a daily basis. I have a few "signature" pieces, like the ever popular Return to Tiffany bracelet, my Femme Metale Goddess Ring and my diamond solitaire earrings. I also adore the few Victorians rings I wear on dressier occasions, but other than that, my jewelry wardrobe is pretty bare. I would call my style "basic with a vintage twist".

Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I've always been drawn to the significance of eternity rings. I actually had saved and saved before LB was born to buy myself one to mark the momentous occasion, but times got tight and I wound up using that money to survive once the ex left. I still dream of owning one and cannot think of a better occasion to wear that sparklie little band, than as part of my wedding set. I have a few different ideas on how to incorporate the eternity ring...either as part of my engagement ring, or on it's own paired with a solitaire. I also swooning over a few French posey rings that I've come across recently. How sweet are these?!? They are reproductions of the real medieval rings that are now housed in museums. There are oodles of them around the world with different sayings in many languages. the one at the top left says "a ma vie de coeur entier' in French which translates to "my whole heart for my whole life", and the ring on the bottom right reads "vous et nul autre"...You and no other. They can be purchased here.
These are Bob's top contenders at the moment. He tries to be all easy going about the ring thing, constantly stating that as long as it's white gold/platinum and a wider style band, he'll be happy. But, when I show him examples of simple bands I really don't get much reaction. At first he was smitten with alot of the Norse rune rings that are out there....I even caught him googling them once, so that style isn't out of the question, but then I came across that skull band and it quickly became his favorite. I love it too, but then got to thinking about whether or not it's too "trendy", or if it really speaks of his old school punk-ish personality. The ring on the bottom left is actually a monogram ring that would be made up of our initials, and the bottom right is a hammered finish platinum band. Personally, I think all of his ring selections are great...I just wish he'd make a decision so I could go out and purchase one! I've already decided on the inscription, but I'm keeping that a secret until I place that ring on his finger. I'm hoping he'll do the same with mine.


Telly Meesh said...

I have the "you and no other" poesey ring. I'm a sucker for romantic things (literature nut) and FH bought it for a promise ring early on in the relationship. I got one for him as well custom made I can't recall the words in French, but it translated to "You alone, my lover."

- Measha from Onewed -

delilah said...

Oh Measha, I'm pea green over your beautiful poesy ring! And such a lovely story to accompany it. I too am a sucker for romantic gestures.
Thanks SO much for stopping by. Please pop in again soon okay?