What's that on your head?!?

a Wig!?!
No....actually it's some sort of fascinator/cocktail hat/birdcage veil.
Sorry, I couldn't resist. I'm a child of the 80's and adore the B-52's.

Since I'm pretty much sold on the idea of a vintage style dress, and I'm not a traditional veil girl AT ALL, and since we all know I'm definitely not virginous (is that a real word?), I've decided I'm going to wear something similar to one of these...

Oh, and did I mention that I was going to DIY?! I started googling this morning, and it's become a full blown obsession. I'm putting in an order from Judith M. Hats & Millinery Supplies tomorrow. Sure, you're probably saying to yourself "This is the bride with no wedding date, no dress and not even a proper proposal, but she knows she's wearing a hat?!?".

And to that I say
I pride myself on being a girl who knows how to accessorize. And I've been just dying to use the word "Pshaw!", but that's hardly the point. And if I become a sticky mess of hot glue and feathers, I can always call in the experts at Unveiled Bridal Designs. Check out Julie M...GOR-GEOUS!

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