A Work in Progress

So, here I sit...fingers numb, almost out of beads, eyes straining to focus...
This is hard work!
Just when you think you've strung your last bead, you realize that you aren't even close to having enough "stuff" to fill this thing. This pic shows 150 "stems". Pretty bare 'eh? I figure I still need at least 200 more. I still need to add the buttons in there as well. I'm hoping they will take up loads of space. I also think I might throw together a few small beaded flowers. My poor fingers are worn out!
I've a new found respect for those who DIY, that's for sure!
But even though it's been trying, I wouldn't trade my bouquet for the world. I'm sooooo loving it! Please excuse the fugly pics these past couple of days. My little Mac is a bit under the weather, so I'm forced to use Bo's dreaded laptop. Say it with me now....Ewwwww!


Still no word on my dress. SniffSniff. I'm growing more and more disappointed by the day. Cross your crossables that I hear something soon, okay?


Emma Davies said...

Hello Delilah,
They say that if someone starts to copy your work that you should be flattered, and i am!
Im loving the fact i have made a big impression on your wedding ideas.
I am all so glad that you have found out, (perhaps not in the easiest way!) just how much work goes into my bouquets!! Some people just think its real simple and question my prices, but i think you might be on my wave length now!!
Good luck,
Emma ~ Vintage Magpie
P.S the sore fingers will go in a couple of days!!

delilah said...

Emma! Oh my goodness! I cannot even tell you how flattered I am that you stopped by!

Your work is unbelievably beautiful. Seriously. I can only hope my bouquet turns out as nice as yours.

They truly are a time-consuming labor of love, not to mention that crystal and vintage baubles are not cheap! I cannot believe anyone would question your pricing. Crazy!

About half way through when staring down at my numb and prickled fingers, I thought of hanging it up...it's that tedious. But I stuck it out and am happy to say that I completed the bouquet.

Stop by again soon. I promise to post the completed project in the next day or two.

IDoDIY said...

Hello, I think your bouquet is great! I haven't seen anything like it. I'm trying to start a new blog and would love to blog about your project. Check it out http://idodiy.blogspot.com/ I'm trying to make it instruction friendly, or at least where one could get instructions. Let me know if you are interested. Again, Great project!