Traditional Bouquet Alternatives Revisited....

I'm obsessed with nontraditional bouquets at the moment. It's like a disease, I can't stop Googling....and while those I posted a few days ago are absolutely lovely, I've come across so many other creative ideas that I just had to share. Who knows...maybe a few of these pretties will inspire another bride to go with an alternative to the traditional. Don't get me wrong, flowers are classic and lovely. I adore them myself. But, with so many options out there I'm having a hard time choosing my favorites.

Hopefully by the end of the week, I'll have some sort of version of my own DIY nosegay to post, as well as a dress update. In the meantime, check out the websites of some of these swoon-worth bouquets.
How sticky sweet are these button bouquets?! Can't you just imagine them incorporated into a country inspired or picnic themed wedding? These are from Blue Kitty Co. on etsy. C-U-T-E-cutecutecute!

And get a load of these paper Magnolias from UniqueLeighCreated, who is also on etsy. I think they would look amazing with a more contemporary, minimalist or even mod style event.

These feather bouquets would be perfect for a winter wedding. This first version is from Hats N Stuff, which happens to be a UK vendor. They have oodles of other vintage inspired/alternative wedding accessories as well. And their prices appear to be rather reasonable for those on a budget.

The pic on the right is from florist David McConkey. Yet another UK vendor. Whywohwhy am I coming across so many wedding related ideas and inspiration from across the pond? I suppose that even if I am no where close to alot of these great vendors, that they will be flattered to know that I love their work and that they have inspired others. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flatter, am I right? I AM right, aren't I?

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I stumbled across Heirloom Wedding Bouquets many years ago while planning theweddinginwhichimarriedmyson'sfatheranditwasn'tmeanttobe. For some reason I saved the link and am happy to report that even after all these years, they are still in business and handcrafting some of the most beautiful, unique, life-like flowers I've come across. They also make sparkling crystal bouquets, cake toppers, hair accessories...and more.
So, while I'm still over-the-moon in love with my inspiration bouquet, I'm having oodles of fun perusing unique and unconventional wedding ideas. I hope a few of these pictures will have inspired others to think outside of the norm when planning their own special day.
Oh, and I just realized that I never posted about the modifications we've made to PLAN B. Unfortunately, I am out of time for today, so you'll have to wait 'til tomorrow for the update and revisions. Happy Monday my dears!


Robin said...

I love the first ones!

Please come stop by my blog sometimes...pretty please...it's lonely :(

delilah said...

Aren't they the cutest!?! I swear, they almost made me change the entire look we were going for and opt for a picnic elopement instead!

I'll be by soon to say hello...