Oh la la...la lalalala lahhhh.....


So do you think any one of these might make my dear, sweet Bob a little hot under the collar?

Boy...I'm all over the place these days...from cupcakes to underpinnings! Although, I'd better lay off the sugar infused posts if I want to look enticing in one of these hot numbers.

There is a chance that my beloved and I might be in Las Vegas sometime over the Christmas holidays and I believe we may just have to pay a little visit to Agent Provocateur. Being the girlie-girl that I am, I simply adore pretty lingerie and they have some of the most beautiful things. I'm sure there has got to be other shops in Sin City to find well-made frillies. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where? I'm also a big fan of La Perla, but there new stuff just isn't blowing my skirt up these days.

I had to include this garter pic, because I adore it! It's from Angel Threads. Isn't it lovely?

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