Lazy Saturday DIY

Happy Saturday, my sweets!
Here I sit with a steaming hot cuppa, playing a board game with LB and watching Bob toodle around the house while our teeny dog nips at his ankles. Pure bliss, I tell ya! I love our little family. I swear, sometimes I think we really are pulled from a Norman Rockwell painting.

...And I love lazy Saturdays.

Although, the day is going to have to get started sometime soon. We are headed out to a Halloween party later this evening with some very good friends. Fun! Fun! LB is so excited to see his friends and don his costume.

In wedding related news....
I started on my Vintage Magpie inspired bouquet! It's turning out way better than I ever expected! I can't wait to be able to show you all the final result. Silly me, forgot to take step-by-step photos. Mid-construction I did remember to whip out the camera and snapped a few in progress. It's still no where close to being finished, but I am squealing with excitement every step of the way. I am so in love with it!

I took inspiration from a few of VM's designs and combined them with our color scheme and the random bits and bobs I had on hand. So far, I've included a bunch of old buttons that I swiped from both mine and my recently passed grandmothers button boxes, a few ivory turkey feathers, oodles of Swarovski crystals that I purchased, some broken pearl necklaces that I've been meaning to have restrung and some gorgeous chocolate brown velvet ribbon that I picked up at a local craft store for 50% off. SCORE! I've used a floral foam cone as the base.

This afternoon I need to run out and pick up some floral pics, as I don't think the wires I am stringing the buttons and beads on are going to hold up in the foam without flopping over. I also still need to locate a pretty brooch to add to the handle. Maybe I can find a pretty bird pin at one of the local antique shops.

I had originally intended on making a practice bouquet first just to get the bugs worked out. But, this one is holding up quite nicely, and is turning out so well, that I think this might be THE one!

Poo! For some reason, my pics aren't being very cooperative this morning. I'm going to try to work the bugs out and post them again this afternoon. In the meantime, take my word for it....the bouquet is lovely! The pics are up, but not in my usual format. I'll make them look pretty sometime later...

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Robin said...

That looks so fun! I need to post our DIY project of champagne chairs. Good thing most people coming to the wedding aren't even reading my blog or the whole thing would be ruined.