Mini Cakes, Cupcakes and Croquembouche...oh my!

If I don't blow my diet today, I swear it will be a miracle. You see, I've done nothing but search photo sites for my latest daily obsession....dessert! YUM! There are some beautiful and elaborate confections being created these days, that's for sure. But, in all my hunting, I've fallen in love. With all things sweet and tiny. And no, I don't mean LB...although he is pretty sweet, he's taken to growing alot lately and is no longer all that little anymore. Poo. I'm talking about CUPCAKES! and mini cakes too. Oh, and croquembouche as well. They are tiny once you pull them apart, so in my opinion, they still count. ;)

We have the absolute cutest little authentic French bakery right here in town, who I'm almost certain can whip something up that rivals the above inspiration photos. I'd be more than happy to hire the artist behind those lovely little cupcakes, but sadly she is not local...in fact, she's all the way in Australia. Aren't they gorgeous! I found her here on Flickr, or you can visit her website at www.lecupcake.com.
Is that your tummy or mine that I hear rumbling?!?!

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