Is it all suppose to be this easy? WARNING...this is a bit rambling.

Not that I'm complaining...AT ALL, but from what I remember, wedding planning is suppose to be complicated. Isn't it? Full of appointments and planners and decisions. Aren't I suppose to be lugging around a ginormous binder full of contracts and clippings?

I spent a few hours yesterday on the phone. In that short span of time, I managed to book our officiant, cocktail/appetizer venue, as well as reserved the actual dinner party/wedding reception venue. I spoke with a pastry chef and went over the details for our cake. So...


I also purchased alot of materials to get started on my Vintage Magpie inspired bouquet. I can't wait to begin putting it all together. Just ogling the pile of sparklies and ribbon is making me wish February was right around the corner.

Bob and I do still need to decide whether or not to just have guests order off the restaurants main dinner menu, or if we're going to do a more limited menu based on the restaurant's current offerings at the time. The bar bill will be an open tab that we will pay at the end of the evening. The actual design and flavor of the cake needs to be chosen as well. So I suppose there is really still alot to do. Oh, and the event coordinator at our dinner venue is such a hoot! I think she was just as excited as Bob and I are when I told her of our plans. Love, love, love her! I can tell she is going to be super fun to work with and totally on board with our vision of what the evening should be like.

And here I thought all I had left to do was throw on a pretty party dress and show up!

Speaking of "THE Dress", I still have no good news to report. Darn it. I promise you'll be the first to find out just as soon as I get the word.

And just so you know, it's not that I don't want to link to the local vendors we have chosen and share all the lovely wedding porn I've collected from them. Bob and I really don't want to compromise on the surprise factor by leaving an internet trail and having it picked up by any of our net savvy friends or family. Seeing as you and I are becoming superfast best friends, I didn't want you to think that I was keeping secrets from you. ;) It's seriously killing me not to be able to share.

So, while I'm rambling does anyone have any ideas on how to slip a photographer into the mix? Our officiant happens to be a friend/acquaintance, so his being there won't be in question, but the photographer might tip off our guests. Or am I just reading too much into this, and most people hire photographers for family birthday parties? We do want to have a few photos to remember the day by. Mostly photo journalistic, as we aren't much into posed formals.

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