Guess what?!?

It's finally official...I have a dress!

After much distress over where, how and how much, I am happy to report I will not be tying the knot in my birthday suit. Although, it is a suprise birthday party wedding, so it would fit the occassion. Okay...bad joke. Sorry.

And the winner is...
Unfortunately for me, the loverly Alan Hannah "Cannes" dress was a tad outside my budget, not to mention virtually impossible to find here in the states. So, I did what any other determined bride-to-be would do...I called a seamstress. Oh, but not just any seamstress, mind you. I called upon the wonders that are Whirling Turban. They are going to create a similar style of dress just for me...made to measure. With a few tweaks here and there, that will make it all my own. A one-of-a-kind!

Have you ever seen a Whirling Turban dress before?! If not, I highly suggest you take a peek at their website for some seriously drool-worthy frocks. I swear, their dresses will transport you back to the late 40's-early 50's birth of the femme fatale. Va-Va-Va-VOOM!

I've been a fan of Katherine Robinson's work for quite a few years. Her dresses have become wardrobe staples of many of the popular modern day pin-ups. Not to mention, she's practically been named the "Official Dress Designer of the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender". An event that I try to attend every year.

Not only are Whirling Turban dresses gorgeous, they are extremely well constructed, using the most amazing fabrics and following the stunning lines of Alfred Shaheen, Kamehameha and other "vintage greats". You will not find a more accurate depiction of those curve-hugging, hourglass shaping, bombshell dresses of the 50's than those that come from Katherine's studio.
I am so in awe of her work, and am over-the-moon excited to be wearing a Whirling Turban creation on my wedding day.

Anyone up for some virtual shoe shopping!?!


Robin said...

That is STUNNING! AMAZING! I'm jealous...I would love to do something like that. I wish I could have like 3 different kinds of weddings. Yours is very unique and I like that...we'll get along just fine.

delilah said...

Aw. thanks Robin. You're the sweetest!

I hear you about hosting 3 different weddings...I could do the exact same thing! Maybe we have some sort of multiple bride personality disorder?!?!

Robin said...

I think maybe we do. I just have so many different ideas and I can't do them all.

Have you seen my dress?

delilah said...

You're too funny!

I can just hear us now...
"Hi. I'm Delilah. I suffer from MBPD."

I think I've seen you're dress, but now that you mention it, I'm not so sure. I'm off to check your blog and posts...

Thanks for stopping by again. It's always good to see your face.

Robin said...

It's on my journal on Onewed. I don't have it on my blog because I'm trying to make sure my fiance doesn't accidentally see it.