Traditional Bouquet Alternatives

Being quite the girlie-girl, I just so happen to love flowers. I do have my favorites...Casablanca Lilies, Gardenias, and Chocolate Cosmos just to name a few. However, in my quest to find the perfect bouquet, I stumbled across so many alternatives to traditional florals, and decided that I simply must post a few. So, while I'm still undecided on whether or not to even have flowers, I'm saving these gorgeous pics and links for future inspiration.

Can you get over how beautiful and realistic looking this bouquet is?!?! Can you believe it's made from coffee filters?! Cassie Mae Chappell is the artist behind these lovelies. Check out her website to see more of her amazing work. Seriously...you have to see it to believe it. It's that good.

A long time ago, in a land far, far away, I once taught myself how to make French beaded flowers. While mine were pretty, they wouldn't have even come close to the intricately detailed creations I've found lately. I know first hand how much time and attention to detail goes into creating just one bloom. I cannot even imagine the effort and genius it would take to create a bouquet as pretty as this one. The Hibiscus bouquet is from Forever Flowers on etsy. The Pink Dahlia is also found on etsy, created by EmeraldArts. There are also quite a few crafty people making and selling beaded flowers on eBay.

Vintage Magpie is the creative genius behind these swoon-worthy crystal and feather bouquets. I'm currently coveting that velvet wrapped nosegay. I think it would look so sweet with my vintage inspired ensemble.
And speaking of my ensemble, a decision has been made as to "THE Dress". But, you'll have to tune in tomorrow for the skinny.


Caren said...

Fabulous links! I make beaded flowers too ... www.beadedgarden.com. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!


delilah said...

Hi Caren! I know you! I've browsed your blog before looking for inspiration. Thanks for stopping by and for the congratulations. You are too sweet!