PLAN B Update...

I've been meaning to pop in all day and give an update, but it's been a crazy here at the office and I haven't had a moment to catch my breath, let alone take a break. I do apologize. You'll forgive me though, right?!? Of course, you will. Because you're sweet like that. KissKiss.

So, here's the new PLAN B.
My dear, sweet, ever-so-adorable Bob is going to throw me a surprise birthday party at our favorite little jazz club. This should entice all invited to attend...because who wouldn't want to attend MMMMYYYY birthday party, right? Right! Of course, the free swanky dinner, all you can drink booze, and promise of cake might not hurt my chances of getting everyone to the "church" on time.

Guests are all going to arrive sometime around 6:45pm-7-ish. Bob and I will show up around 7:15. After the big surprise (haha!) and we are seated, properly fed and tipsy, our server (who happens to be in on the plan) will present us with a birthday cupcake with a candle. At which time, it's customary in my family to make a wish and blow it out. Someone always pipes up and asks what you wished for, to which I will reply with some sort of quip about how Bob and I should be tying the knot. Then, our dear friend Reverend Horton (names have been changed to protect the innocent remember) will stand up and proceed to marry us in a quick, but sweet ceremony. The cake will be ushered in on a cart and served for dessert. Hopefully everyone will be properly surprised and genuinely happy for us.

Cocktails and appetizers at a different restaurant may still be happening if we can swing it. We're scrapping the idea of having dessert at a separate venue as the particular place we had in mind is closed on Friday nights. Also, the pastry chef at our dinner venue is fantastic and they have been more than easy to work with. I have NO doubts whatsoever that he will come up with a cake that we love. We also may take the party to a local saloon to kick up our heels for a bit afterwards...sort of an after-party. Bob previously worked there as a bouncer, so I'm sure we would get VIP treatment, not to mention it would be fun to have a sort of parade as we walked through downtown.

I do have some smaller details nailed down and I cannot wait to show you all. Unfortunately, that's all the time I have for now, but I'll be back tomorrow with oodles of wedding porn for you all to fawn over. Squeal with me now....EEEEeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

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